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The Cotuit Water Department was founded in 1935, with an office located on School Street.   The first pumping station and five wells were constructed  on a 27 acre parcel at 4300 Falmouth Road in 1936. The  office moved from School Street  to the Falmouth Road site a few years later.

The first elevated storage tank was built on Main Street  during this time. Forty-four hydrants and the first eight miles of water mains were  installed. Over the next two years, 114 services were connected to the system, delivering  14,300,000 gallons of water to residents.  Water mains continued to be installed through the 1940’s.

Water Office, 1935, School Street, near site of present Kettle-Ho

Water Tower, Main Street, circa 1936


A new well field was purchased off Main Street in 1951 where Station Number Three was constructed. In 1956, the second elevated water storage tank was constructed on West Street. A new well field comprised of 214 acres was acquired in 1963 off Newtown Road and the following year Station Number One was installed.

Station Number Two was installed in 1973.  Station Number Four was the third and final pumping  station to be built  in this wellfield in 1980. Water main extensions continued through the 1980’s.

New Well Field:

In 1986, 21 acres were purchased off Route 28, near the Mashpee line. The water main was extended up Route 28 to the new well field in 1997.  In 1998 the construction of Station Number Five,  the largest pumping station in Department, was completed.

Water Department building, circa 1935, Falmouth Road, under construction


Our newest water storage tank was constructed on Newtown Road in 2010 and holds 500,000 gallons of water.  In 2010 we pumped 226,422,000 gallons of water through 52 miles of water mains to our 3,474 year-round residents.

Water Department Office, Falmouth Road, 2011

Annual Water Main Flushing

Water Main Break 05-11

New Water Tower



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